Mel de bosc


Intense, with salty nuances. The balsam of the forest.


This product is called forest honey due to its origin, since, unlike the other honeys, it does not come from the nectar of flowers, but rather from a segregation from acorns, and also from the leaves of the oak tree. It is a honey that is very rich in mineral salts and enzymes, beneficial for bronchitis and other lung conditions.

Forest honey has an almost black colour and a strong aroma.

We produce this honey in the Pre-Pyrenees area and in the oak forests in the inland of the Iberian Peninsula during the summer.

Thanks to its composition, it is a very fluid honey, which rarely crystallizes.

Forest honey is very appropriate for calming coughs. It is a good diuretic, as it helps prevent fluid retention, and also serves in rheumatic processes. In addition, it is a honey with a high fructose composition, that is, it is suitable for people with moderate diabetes, but always with medical authorization.

Because of its intense flavour and salty notes, it goes very well with meat sauces, cured and fresh cheeses, and with vinaigrettes.


Mel de Bosc 50 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010802 – FOREST 50 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977562
Forest honey with 50 gr glass jar

Dosificador Mel de Bosc 50 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010822 – BOSC 250 GR. ANTI-DROPPING

EAN-13: 8437013977692
Forest honey with 250 gr jar. anti-drip plastic.
14 units per box

Mel de Bosc 250 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010826 – FOREST 250 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977289
Forest honey with 250 gr glass jar.
12 units per box

Mel de Bosc 500 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010805 – FOREST 490 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517787
Forest honey with 490 gr glass jar.
12 units per box

Dosificador Mel de Bosc 500 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010821 – FOREST 500 GR. ANTI-DROPPING

EAN-13: 8437001517909
Forest honey with 500 gr jar. anti-drip plastic.
11 units per box

Mel de Bosc 1000 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010807 – FOREST 980 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517794
Forest honey with a 980 gr glass jar.
6 units per box

Mel de Bosc 2000 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010809 – FOREST 2000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977593
Forest honey with 2000 gr plastic bottle.
6 units per box

Mel de Bosc 3000 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010810 – FOREST 3000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977609
Forest honey with 3000 gr plastic bottle.
5 units per box

Ref. 010811 – FOREST 5250 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977616
Forest honey with 5250 gr plastic bottle

We have buckets of 10 and 20 kg. and 300 kg drums.