Mel de taronger


Nectar from orange blossoms. Citrically sweet Mediterranean spirit.


The bees produce this honey from the nectar of the flowers of different citrus fruits (Citrus spp.), such as orange, lemon and mandarin trees. This honey has an amber yellow colour and is very fragrant. It has a very smooth and fruity flavour. It is highly appreciated for its calming effect. It is a laxative and promotes fat assimilation.

It has a special aroma due to the methyl anthranilate, a natural substance that orange blossoms have and which reminds us of flowering orange trees. Its intensity and persistence depend on the harvest area and the richness of the citrus trees.

It is produced from the orange trees of southern Catalonia, within the Terres de l’Ebre Biosphere Reserve, and its harvest time begins in April and ends in May.

Thanks to the purity of our honey, the orange blossom honey crystallizes very quickly, in a compact, disorderly way and in medium crystals. We can change its texture if we heat it up in a double boiler (or bain-marie) at less than 40ºC.

Orange blossom honey has a strong calming effect, so this kind of honey is recommended for people who have trouble sleeping. It is also rich in potassium, boron, magnesium, calcium, selenium and other minerals.

If you have a cold, this honey mixed with lemon juice works as an antitussive and relieves sore throats. Orange blossom honey has healing effects for sores

Thanks to its properties, orange blossom honey is very subtle and delicate on the palate. We can use it more therapeutically or use its nutritional benefits to make cosmetics.

Orange blossom honey is also highly recommended for preparing desserts thanks to its perfume and taste, which gives them an unimprovable character. For example, orange blossom honey is a perfect companion for borraines, a typical dessert of the Terres de l’Ebre.


Mel de Taronger 50 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010102 – ORANGE BLOSSOM 50 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517527
Orange blossom honey with 50 gr glass jar

Dosificador Mel de Taronger 250 gr Avi Lluís


EAN-13: 8437013977128
Orange Blossom Honey with 250 gr jar. anti-drip plastic.
14 units per box

Mel de Taronger 250 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010126 – ORANGE BLOSSOM 250 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977142
Orange Blossom honey with 250 gr glass jar.
12 units per box.

Mel de Taronger 500 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010105 – ORANGE BLOSSOM 490 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517046
Orange Blossom honey with 490 gr glass jar.
12 units per box.

Dosificador Mel de Taronger 500 gr Avi Lluís


EAN-13: 8437001517862
Orange Blossom Honey with 500 gr jar. anti-drip plastic.
11 units per box

Mel de Taronger 1000 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010107 – ORANGE BLOSSOM 980 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517039
Orange Blossom honey with 980 gr glass jar.
6 units per box

Mel de Taronger 2000 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010109 – ORANGE BLOSSOM 2000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517169
Orange Blossom honey with 2000 gr plastic bottle.
6 units per box

Mel de Taronger 3000 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010110 – ORANGE BLOSSOM 3000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517176
Orange honey with 3000 gr plastic bottle.
5 units per box

Ref. 010111 – ORANGE BLOSSOM 5250 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517183
Orange Blossom honey with 5250 gr plastic bottle

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