Mel de mil flors


The flowers the bees choose. The multiflower honey of always.


Multiflower honey has a varying smell and taste depending on the flowers it was made from. In multiflower honey you can find an infinite number of tastes and sensations. It is very complete due to the wide variety of flowers that the bees visit.

It can be used as a substitute for sugar and, in addition, it helps digestive functions and increases energy.

This kind of honey has a wide harvest area. We start to harvest honey first from almond blossoms in the coastal area of Tarragona, and we finish in autumn with heather. If we take honey from bee-hives and it doesn’t have a specific botanical origin, this honey is sold as multiflower honey.

Thanks to its purity, our multiflower honey crystallizes very easily. We can change its texture if we heat it up in a double boiler (or bain-marie) at less than 40ºC. The crystallization of multiflower honey depends on its botanical origin.

Multiflower honey has very varied properties, depending on the flowers used to make it. Generally, this honey helps to increase defences and physical strength, and also to combat colds. In addition, it is a natural antibiotic that allows the disinfection and healing of scratches, cuts and sores.

This type of honey is mostly used for cooking, in pastries, on toast and bread and in drinks like tea. It is also recommended to use it to replace sugar because it sweetens and at the same time has healthy properties, including vitamins, proteins, amino acids, organic acids, minerals, enzymes, etc.


Mel de Mil Flors 50 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010202 – MULTIFLOWER 50 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517558
Multiflower Honey with 50 gr glass jar

Dosificador Mel de Mil Flors 250 gr Avi Lluís


EAN-13: 8437013977197
Multiflower Honey with 250 gr jar. anti-drip plastic.
14 units per box

Mel de Mil Flors 250 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010226 – MULTIFLOWER 250 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977210
Multiflower Honey with 250 gr glass jar.
12 units per box

Mel de Mil Flors 500 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010205 – MULTIFLOWER 490 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517060
Multiflower Honey with 490 gr glass jar.
12 units per box

Dosificador Mel de Mil Flors 500 gr Avi Lluís


EAN-13: 8437001517879
Multiflower Honey with 500 gr jar. anti-drip plastic.
11 units per box

Mel de Mil Flors 1000 gr Avi Lluís


EAN-13: 8437001517053
Multiflower Honey with 980 gr glass jar.
6 units per box

Mel de Mil Flors 2000 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010209 – MULTIFLOWER 2000 GR.

Multiflower honey with 2000 gr plastic bottle.
6 units per box

Mel de Mil Flors 3000 gr Avi Lluís

Ref. 010210 – MULTIFLOWER 3000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517206
Multiflower honey with 3000 gr plastic bottle.
5 units per box

Ref. 010211 – MULTIFLOWER 5250 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517213
Multiflower honey with 5250 gr plastic bottle

We have buckets of 10 and 20 kg. and 300 kg drums.