History, tradition and memory. Winter is leaving.

Mead or honey wine is an alcoholic drink made with water, honey and pollen. It is recommended to drink it cold with snacks and desserts.

Mead is probably one of the most ancient drinks in the world. It is said that mead was made and consumed by the Greeks, Romans and Vikings.

Although in some parts of the world mead has never stopped being consumed, in others like Catalonia it has been forgotten for a long time.

Nowadays the consumption of mead has grown and it has become a phenomenon. This is probably because of TV series such us Game of Thrones, in which the main characters drink mead regularly.



The vinegar of the pharaohs. Memorable salads and condiments.

Honey vinegar is the oldest vinegar used by man, as it has been consumed for more than five thousand years. Honey vinegar has always been a much appreciated product, especially in ancient Egypt, thanks to its extraordinary characteristics.

It is amber in colour, bright and very aromatic with light sweet notes that improve and enhance the flavour of food.

It is excellent for adding to salads and for marinating meat and fish. In addition, it improves digestion since its bacterial flora is similar to that of the human intestine. Its abundant mineral salts and trace elements help to fix calcium thanks to its re-mineralizing properties. Honey vinegar also has certain detoxifying qualities.