We are a family business located in El Perelló, a town with a long tradition of apiculture, with an exploitation of 2.200 hives ,hike type, which we are relocating themsearching the differents flowering fields, from our territory taking a lot of care, with the goal of offering the best quality ,purity and biological wealth.

In the same facilities where we extract the honey and pack it, we have a store, El Rebost de l'avi Lluís, where apart from finding all our own products and tasting our honey, you will find a selection of quality products form our land.

Honey extraction and packaging facilities are open to the public.

We’re expecting you to come and visit!

Visitors of the Ebro territory should  have an must stop in at El Perelló, the town where half the honey of Catalonia is produced.

Our installations  are open for visitors (please book in advance).


visites avi lluís
visites avi lluís

If you are lucky enough to visit us in the honey extraction season, you will enjoy an unique experience that it is. See the honey coming out of the combs, the aroma that comes off and taste the honey directly from the honeycomb.

Also you could be tasting, as you want, all honey varieties that we produce

Visits are for free, we’ll wait for you!

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