Entorn del Perelló Molí
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Entorn del Perelló Monument Coll de les Forques

Where are we?

The origins of El Perelló are dated back to pre-history, symbols of this period are found in the cave of La Mallada and the cave paintings of Cabra-Feixet.

The Perelló offers a great diversity of landscapes, where we can find sea and mountain, in front of  Sant Jordi’s Gulf , in the eastern foothills ,the mountains of the Sierra de Cardó and Boix and draining in this part by small streams which lead to  the sea.

At present it has a population of 3,140 inhabitants and has a territory of 105,08 Km2.

Entorn del Perelló Torre dels Moros

How to get there?

By road:

-Carretera nacional 340, km 1106

AP7 Autopista, salida n ° 39, l'Ametlla de Mar

AP7 Autopista, salida n ° 39A, l’Ampolla

By train:

-El Perelló-almendra, en l' Ametlla de Mar (estación)

-El Perelló-la botella, en l’Ampolla (estación)

Perelló history

The origins of El Perelló are dated back to pre-history, symbols of this period are found in the cave of La Mallada and the cave paintings of Cabra-Feixet.

The site of El Perelló has been identified as the ancient Roman Traja Capit-, proof of this are the findings of numerous Roman ruins as well as remains of the Via Augusta.

Entorn del Perelló Via Augusta
Entorn del Perelló Font de Tita

The year 1294, King James II, granted the town Charter, According to the Customs and privileges of Tortosa.

The year 1308, the Reina Blanca of Anjou, He sponsored the founding of the Hospital de la Font del Perelló (former name of the town in the 13th century), with the aim of providing a place of relaxation and rest to the poor, sick, pilgrims and pedestrians that transitaven to that uninhabited route.

During the 14th-16th centuries occurred several lawsuits between the terms of Tortosa, Tivissa and El Perelló, by questions of limits, grazing rights, etc.

It was not until the 19th century that El Perelló managed independent of it.

Entorn del Perelló Morral Cabrafeixet
Entorn del Perelló Panavera
The year 1640, during the reapers ' war, the village was attacked by the troops of the Marquis of los Vélez. When he had not yet recovered from this destruction, the population was veiè involved in the war of the Spanish succession.

Later ,during the war of the 36, the village was destroyed by the fascist aviation, little by little it was recovering so many being rebuilt until the day of today.

Entorn del Perelló Platja Santa Llucia


Thanks to the diverse landscape as it offers and the situation where is El Perelló, There are many tourist attractions can be found in the same village and its surroundings, These are an example:

Entorn del Perelló Parc eòlic “Les colladetes”

Wind farm "colladetes" 2 Km

Entorn del Perelló Platges de El Perelló

Beaches of El Perelló 4 km

Entorn del Perelló Pintures Rupestres de “Cabrafeixet”

Cave Paintings "Goat Feixet" 9 Km

Cave of the Mesh 9 km

Entorn del Perelló Museu de ceràmica de L’Ametlla de Mar

The Museum of ceramics of l'ametlla de Mar 10 km

Entorn del Perelló Parc Natural de Delta de L’ebre

The Natural Park of Delta de l'Ebre 15 km

Entorn del Perelló Castell de Miravet

Castle of Miravet 35 km

Entorn del Perelló Coves “Meravelles” de Benifallet

Caves "Wonders" of Benifallet 30 km

Entorn del Perelló Parc d’atraccions Port Aventura

Port Aventura amusement park 45 km