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Where are we?

Our company is located in the industrial area named “Pla de Solans” number 1-D in El Perelló, “the village of honey”. It is in the Baix Ebre region with 142 metres above sea level. It is also close to river Ebre Delta, 30 km away from Tortosa city and 60km away from Tarragona city. You can get El Perelló by N-340 road, AP-7 motorway exit 39 l’Ametlla de Mar-El Perelló and exit 39-A and Eje del Ebro road.

El Perelló shows you different landscapes; mountains and sea. It is in front of Saint George Gulf, surrounded by Cardó steep mountains and the mountain chain of Boix, which drain to the sea.

The population of El Perelló is nowadays around 3140 inhabitants and it has 105,08 Km2 of territory.

Entorn del Perelló Torre dels Moros

How to get here?

By road:

National Road N-340, 1106 Km

By Motorway:

AP7 Motorway, exit 39, Ametlla de Mar- El Perelló

AP7 Motorway. Exit 39-A, L’Ampolla- El Perelló

By train:

El Perelló- Ametlla de Mar station. Regional train R16

El Perelló- Ampolla station. Regional train R16

History of El Perelló

El Perelló has its origins in prehistoric times. As a symbol of this period there some caves, like cave “de la Mallada” and cave “Cabra Feixet” which has small prehistoric pictures inside.

The village of El Perelló has been indentified as the Roman Ancient village Traja Capit, as a result, it has roman remains like Via Augusta.

Entorn del Perelló Via Augusta
Entorn del Perelló Font de Tita

In 1294 King Jaume II gave to El Perelló the naturalization certificate under the privileges and customs of Tortosa city.

In 1308, the Queen Blanca d’Anjou financed the Hospital of “la Font del Perelló”, which was the old name for El Perelló in the XIII century. The main goal was offer a resting place for poor people, sick and pilgrims who walked through uninhabited road.

During XIV and XVI centuries there were arguments betweeen Tortosa, Tivissa and El Perelló because of borders, shepherding rights, etc.

It wasn’t until XIX century when El Perelló got the independence.

Entorn del Perelló Morral Cabrafeixet
Entorn del Perelló Panavera

In 1640, in the middle of “Els Segadors” war, the village was attacked by Marqués de Vélez’s army. Before to recuperate, the population of El Perelló was involved in the “Sucesión” Spanish war.

Later, during the Spanish Civil war, the village was destroyed by the fascist air force. Since that time, El Perelló has recovered until the present day.

Entorn del Perelló Platja Santa Llucia


Thanks to different landscapes and location of El Perelló, there are important places to visit both inside and outside, for example:

Entorn del Perelló Parc eòlic “Les colladetes”

“Colladetes” wind farm. 2 km away

Entorn del Perelló Platges de El Perelló

El Perelló beaches. 4 km away

Entorn del Perelló Pintures Rupestres de “Cabrafeixet”

Prehistoric pictures in “Cabra Feixet” cave. 9 km away

Cave “la Mallada”. 9 km away

Entorn del Perelló Museu de ceràmica de L’Ametlla de Mar

Ceramics Museum in Ametlla de Mar. 10 km away

Entorn del Perelló Parc Natural de Delta de L’ebre

Ebro Delta National Park. 15 km away

Entorn del Perelló Castell de Miravet

Castle of Miravet 35 km

Entorn del Perelló Coves “Meravelles” de Benifallet

“Meravelles” caves in Benifallet. 30 km away

Entorn del Perelló Parc d’atraccions Port Aventura

Port Aventura World theme park. 45 km away

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