Royal Jelly Packaging

Royal jelly is the product that comes from secretions of pharyngeal and mandibular glands. It is rich in proteins, minerals and digestive enzymes.

Characteristics of Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is secreted by worker bees, it is also the first food that larvaes recive during the three first days after their eclosion. Queen bees lay eggs in the cells of the nest, and when they hatch, they become larvae.

If bees want to create a new queen, they will feed it during twelve days with royal jelly, and it will become a new queen. Queen bee is bigger with a bigger belly too, and it is ready to be impregnated and lay millons of eggs. In its cells is where there is the largest quantity of royal jelly, from there is taken royal jelly to commercialise it. Royal jelly is the only product that bees don’t collect, but they produce it themselves.

Royal jelly that we commercialise is not from our own harvest. Our weather is not the best for royal jelly production and harvest, we can’t do the same as other countries. The same case is around Europe. Our royal jelly is from countries outside The European Union.

Health benefits of royal jelly

Royal jelly is known as a “superfood” from nature. It is used by a lot of therapeutic treatments. It is an excellent revitalizing because it helps us to resist cold weather, the fatigue, slows down skin ageing and improves skin hydration and elasticity. It also works improving our immune system and our body’s defenses, it regulates the nervous system and it fights aganist anxiety.

Royal jelly give you an euphoric feeling combined with the recovery of strength and appetite.

How to eat royal jelly

Royal jelly is viscous, like yogurt. It has a yelowish colour and a sour taste.  The best way to eat royal jelly is fresh and natural form without any handling and it has to be preserved in cold. You have to avoid eating freeze-dried royal jelly because this type decreases its health benefits. It is recommended eat a dose between 20-50 mg a day for adult people, and a half dose for children. Our jars of royal jelly have a little spoon prepared with this doses.

Is not recommended to  consume royal jelly during long periods of time not even large quantities. You don’t have to eat it longer than 60 consecutive days. If you want to eat royal jelly regularlly, it will be advisable to stop at least one month between comsumption periods.


Water 68%
Sugar 8,5%
Protides 12%
Lipids 5,6%
Inorganix constituents 0,8%


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