Characteristics of rosemary honey

Ref. 010002 – ROSENARY 50 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517497

Rosemary honey with jar 50 gr of glass.

Ref. 010022 – ROSENARY 250 GR. ANTI-DRIP

EAN-13: 8437013977050

Rosemary honey with jar 250 gr. plastic anti-drip.

20 units per box.

Ref. 010026 – ROSENARY 300 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977074

Rosemary honey with jar 300 gr of glass.

12 units per box.

Ref. 010005 – ROSENARY 500 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517022

Rosemary honey with jar 500 gr of glass.

12 units per box.

Ref. 010021 – ROSENARY 500 GR. ANTI-DRIP

EAN-13: 8437001517848

Rosemary honey with jar 500 gr. plastic anti-drip.

14 units per box.

Ref. 010019 – ROSENARY 500 GR. HEXAGONAL

EAN-13: 8437013977036

Rosemary honey with can hex 500 gr of glass.

18 units per box.

Ref. 010007 – ROSENARY 1000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517015

Rosemary honey with jar 1000 gr of glass.

6 units per box.

Ref. 010009 – ROSENARY 2000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517138

Rosemary honey in bubble 2000 gr plastic.

6 units per box.

Ref. 010010 – ROSENARY 3000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517145

Rosemary honey in bubble 3000 gr plastic.

5 units per box.

Ref. 010011 – ROSENARY 6000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517152

Rosemary honey in bubble 6000 gr plastic.

Characteristics of rosemary honey

The rosmary honey it’s mostly produced into Ebro Lands Biosphere Reserve and we also produce it in the southern part of Aragon area and in the center of Catalonia.

It is produced from nectar of rosemary flower (Rosemarinus officinalis). It has a light colour with a pleasant and penetrating scent.


Honey production

The harvest period of this kind of honey is extended. It starts on March in the coastal areas and it finishes on May in the inland areas.

Beneficial health properties

Rosemary honey helps against liver failure, acidity, stomach ulcers, sore throat, among others illnesses.

How to consume it

Rosemary honey also works as a culinary ingredient with other foodstuff. It has a soft flavour and it is perfect with coffee, milk...  We can use it in a high-quality cuisine dishes.


We have 10 and 20 kg buckets and 300 kg large cans.