Propolis packaging

Ref. 800018 – PURE PROPOLIS

EAN-13: 8436554510177

Propolis pure 20 gr


EAN-13: 8436554510129

Propolis ointment 30gr.


EAN: 8936554510139

Propolis Tincture Avi Lluís

L'Avi Lluís El Perelló Comprar propolis

Propolis characteristics

Propolis is a waxy resin, it has a complex composition and a viscous consistency. Propolis is produced by the bees from vegetals. They use it to protect and repair the beehive. It  was used from ancient times with a variety of uses. 

Nowadays propolis is being investigated about its effects in medicine and biology. At the moment, propolis is important as a dietary supplement and it’s also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bees use propolis  to repair and proctect the beehive against infections, consequently, beehives are one of the most sterile natural places ever known.

Propolis production

The harvest of propolis is done by different methods, but propolis traps harvesting is the least agressive method, the most respectful to the bees and before winter, this kind of harvest give us the best quality of propolis. In our company, all the propolis comes from this type of harvesting.

Propolis properties

Propolis has essential oils that give it a special aroma. Depending on its botanical origin and seasonal harvest, its colour changes from yellowish to dark colour. It tastes bitter and the consistency can be tender or hard.

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