Characteristics of eucalyptus honey

Ref. 010402 – EUCALYPTUS 50 GR.

Eucalyptus honey with jar 50 gr of glass

Ref. 010422 – EUCALYPTUS 250 GR. ANTI-DRIP

EAN-13: 8437013977333

Eucalyptus honey with jar 250 gr. plastic anti-drip.

20 units per box

Ref. 010426 – EUCALYPTUS 250 GR.

EAN-13: 8437013977357

Eucalyptus honey with jar 250 gr. plastic.

12 units per box

Ref. 010405 – EUCALYPTUS 500 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517404

Eucalyptus honey with jar 500 gr of glass.

12 units per box

Ref. 010421 – EUCALYPTUS 500 GR. ANTI-DRIP

EAN-13: 8437001517886

Eucalyptus honey with jar 500 gr. plastic anti-drip.

14 units per box

Ref. 010407 – EUCALYPTUS 980 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517398

Eucalyptus honey with jar 980 gr of glass.

6 units per box

Ref. 010409 – EUCALYPTUS 2000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517411

Eucalyptus honey in bubble 2000 gr plastic.

6 units per box

Ref. 010410 – EUCALYPTUS 3000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517428

Eucalyptus honey in bubble 3000 gr plastic.

5 units per box

Ref. 010411 – EUCALYPTUS 6000 GR.

EAN-13: 8437001517435

Eucalyptus honey in bubble 6000 gr plastic

Characteristics of eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is produced from eucalyptus blossom  (Eucalyptus Spp). This honey is not from our own harvest.  It has different colours, according to the type of eucalyptus, for this reason, honey can be dark or light.  Its intens and persistent aroma reminds to wet wood.

Honey production

Eucalyptus honey is produced from August to September in the south-west of Iberian Peninsula.

Honey crystallisation  

Its has a medium crystallisation, therefore its crystals are not too big. We can change its texture heating it up less than 40ºC in a double boiler.

Beneficial health properties

The flavour of this kind of honey is intense and concentrated, it reminds to typical eucalyptus wood. It has healing properties working as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, expectorant, antiseptic and against respiratory infections.

How to consume it

Eucalyptus honey is peculiar when we combine it with other food products because its perfume and flavour is present on any food where it is. Mainly it is used with infusions, but in general, people use it to sweeten any type of food.

We have cubes of 10 and 20 kg drums.. and 300 kg drums..

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