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Honey is the flower nectar picked up and transformed by bees. The composition, taste and colour is variable, it depends on the floral origins.

Nectar starts to being transformed into the bee’s esophagus, later they put it in honeycomb. During the night time, it starts the ripening process helped by wings movement, that allows humidity evaporation until to get 18% of humidiy. Then, it starts the cell capping process. It is just in this moment when honey is ready to be harvested. Harvest consists of removing the cap of cells and collecting honey using the centrifugal force.

Crystallisation of honey is a natural process that ensures that honey has not suffered too much heat during packaging process, because too hot causes a loss of properties. If you prefer more liquid honey, we recommend you to warm it with a bain-marie at 40ºC.

Thanks to transhumance we have different types of pure and handmade honey.

 It is 100% natural from our own harvest.

Romani Avi Lluís


It is produced from rosemary blossom nectar. It has a pale colour with a deep and pleasant scent. It is produced in several areas and its harvest is from beginning of march to mid-may.


It is produced from orange blossom nectar. It is amber and yellow, very scented with a fine taste. It is produced from orange trees in the South of Catalonia. Its harvest is from beginning of April to the end of May.



It is produced from thyme blossom nectar. It is dark amber colour, its taste is sweet with acid notes, and it has an intense and lingering aroma. The region where it is produced is Pre-coastal mountain range of Catalonia and Aragon. Its harvest is from April to June.

Alta Muntanya Avi Lluís


It is produced in the Pyrenees. Its colour is changeable, from dark to clear colour depending on different flowering times.

It has an intense aroma and an intens sweet taste. The harvest is from June to September.

Mil Flors Avi Lluís


This type of honey has different botanical origins. Its taste and colour depends on flowering times. Its harvest is during all year.



It is produced by eucalyptus blossom nectar. Its colour can be variable depending on harvest time, it can be clear or dark. Its flavour is pleasant.



It is produced in Pre-Pyrenees mountains from oaks and holm oaks. Its colour is dark, sometimes like black. It has a strong scent and a special taste, it is soft with a salty notes. This type of honey is rich in enzymes and mineral salts. Its harvest is from June to September.

Bruc Avi Lluís


It is produced by blossom heather nectar. It is dark and reddish. Its taste is sweet with salty and bitter notes. It has an intens and persistent aroma.

It’s produced in the nothern part of Peninsula and its harvest is from June to September, depending on the kind of heather.

Arna de cartró 125 gr Avi Lluís


Discover all honey types with our sets of honey.

Miel con valor añadido


Discover our products with added value. The best things of honey with the properties of pollen, royal jelly and propolis.

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