It is the flower nectar wich is collected and then and transformed by  bees. The composition, taste and color changes according to the flower origin.

The nectar begins to be transformed into the esophagus of the bees wich later they   will dispose it in the cell of the combs, where begins the process of maturation that takes place at night, using the blow of their wings, causes a draft of air which helps to evaporate the moisture from the nectar, until it reaches the  18%. Then we proceed to the operation of extracting the honey.  It is just at this moment when the honey is ready for the harvest, which consists of loosening the honeycombs and extracting it using the centrifugal force

The crystallization of honey is a natural process that ensures that honey has not been subjected to excessive heating during packaging, the excessive heating of the honey causes the loss of its properties. If you prefer liquid, you can double boiled  it to the 40 degrees.

Thanks to transhumance we have different types of honey in our harvests:

Types of Honey


It is produced by the nectar of the rosemary flower, it has a light colour, and a penetrating aroma and very pleasant. The area of production is very vaste, its cultivation starts at  beginning s of March until middle May.


It is produced by the nectar of the flower of orange tree,do you have a amber yellow, It is very scented and a very fine flavor. It is produced in the Centre of the South of Catalonia, the time of harvest is at the beginning of April to end of may.


It is produced by the nectar of the thyme flower,it has a dark amber color, its flavor is sweet with acid notes, with a very intense aroma. The production area is located in the pre-coastal area of Catalonia and Aragon. Its harvest is from April to June


Produced in the mountainsides in the Pyrenees. Its color changes from very dark to very clear, depending on the different sorts of flowers, has a intense aroma and it’s very sweet. The harvest is from June to September.


This honey has a very diverse botanical origin, its flavour and its color changes according to the differents flowers. Its harvest is the mostly part of the year.


It is produced with the eucalyptus blossom’s nectar. Its colour changes depending the harvest time, its colour could be lighter or darker and its taste pleases to most people


Produced in the oak forests of Pre-Pyrenees. Its color is a dark amber almost black, it has a very powerful odour and a special taste, nice with clear salty notes. It is very rich in enzymes and minerals . The harvest is between June and September.


It is produced with the heath blossom’s nectar . It has a dark colour with reddish tones, its flavor is sweet ,bitter clear salty notes, with a very intense and strong aroma. This honey it is produced mostly on the north of the country and its harvest between June and September, anyway, the harvest can change dates, depending on the heath sort.


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